Dinner at Sepia

Ermagherd! Dinner at Sepia! This happened months ago, but even as I think about it now I’m salivating. Seriously, the food is amazing. I remember how good the food was when I went years ago, so I decided to book dinner there to celebrate Super Boy’s 30th birthday.

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Parramatta Lanes 2017

I’m still catching up on blog posts from months ago, so bear with me.

Parramatta Lanes has come and gone for another year and I had so much fun wandering around the small lanes of Parramatta once again. I think it’s becoming one of my favourite events. I went on the first night with Super Boy and then a small group of us happened to be in Parramatta on the final night so I got to wander around again. Just thought I’d share some of my favourite bits with you.

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Goals for 2017: a review

Goodbye 2017! And hello 2018!

I’m not really sure how to best sum up my experience of 2017. It’s been a good year overall. I did my best to fill up my diary with events, helpful quotes and notes to myself. It’s nice to look back on and remember all the little things. I want to get some pocket-sized photos printed out and stuck in, and then I’ll have a lovely little yearbook.

Anyway, I can’t wave goodbye to 2017 without reviewing my goals for the year. As I had mentioned, I was wanting to continue with my green theme so a lot of my goals for 2017 were on-going from the previous year. I was hoping to do a lot better this time around, so let’s see how I went shall we?

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