Goals for 2018

New year, new me diary, and some new goals.

I’ve spent a bit of time uhm-ing and ahh-ing about whether or not I’d set goals again this year. I have a general idea of what direction I want to head in and wasn’t sure if setting goals would be necessary. My goals would also be quite similar to last year so it felt a bit pointless writing the same thing again.

After thinking it through a bit more, I’ve decided that I would set some goals for 2018. General ideas are good, but something concrete to achieve is better (for me at least). I know some people pick a word as a guiding intention for the year ahead, and the one word that kept coming back to me lately is ‘sustainability’. Being in my current situation, I feel that it’s more important than ever. And I’m hoping that by achieving my goals, it will bring me closer to living more sustainably. So, once again, here we go…


Continue to Grow Food in our Backyard

While we have been growing some food at Hello HQ last year, I noticed that I had gradually stopped looking after our garden. I’m not sure why, but I kind of lost interest. This year, I’m going to be more active about growing food in our backyard, and that includes getting better at composting and adding a new raised garden bed (or two if I’m lucky).

Continue to make the Frontyard into a Garden

The Wasteland. I completely ignored it last year. It definitely needs a lot of work, but it’s not impossible. I just need to dedicate some time to it and hopefully I’ll be able to transform at least one garden bed into something beautiful and green. If I’m lucky, I might be able to grow some food (or at least some herbs) there too.

Plant Trees

I’m ashamed to admit that Hello HQ has no trees (apart from three conifers and a small lemon and a small lime tree, but that doesn’t count). There’s no shade! And Summer has felt hotter than usual. I still don’t understand why The Parents don’t want me to plant trees in the yard, but I really can’t stand it anymore. We need more trees. I’m going to plant trees!

Learn to Preserve Food andΒ  put it into practice

Something that I’ve always wanted to try, but never took the opportunity to do. After watching a basic lesson in fermenting, I’ve been so excited about trying it out for myself. So this is the year that I learn to turn any excess produce into something long-lasting and delicious!

Go on at least 5 Bushwalks/Hikes

I didn’t do too well with this goal last year, but I’m going to actually try and do better this year. I’m so lucky to live in Sydney and be close to lots of beautiful walking tracks. I just need to make the time for some walking and exploring.


So those are my goals for 2018. There are other things I’m focusing on this year as well like working towards better health, passing post-grad Uni and less procrastination. How about you? Have you made any goals or set any intentions for the year ahead? Care to share? Perhaps we can keep each other motivated!