Goals for 2017

Hello 2017!

I was uhm-ing and ahh-ing about whether I would get another paper diary for the year and decided to go ahead with it. I’ve gone with this A5 weekly diary from kikki-k in pistachio since I’m wanting to continue with my green theme this year. The diary is bigger than my previous two, which is honestly freaking me out because I’m not sure I can fill it up. I guess I’ll make it a diary and journal of sorts and hopefully I’ll have lots of good memories to look back on at the end of the year. We’ll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, let’s talk goals. As I mentioned before, I’m wanting to continue with my green theme this year so a lot of my goals for 2017 will be on-going from last year. Except this year, I’m hoping to do a lot better. So, here we go…


Continue to make the Frontyard into a Garden

Oh, my beloved Wasteland. While I did make a small start to the frontyard last year, there is still plenty left to be done. I’m aiming to at least tackle another garden bed and finally build something for our star jasmine to climb on. I previously wanted the frontyard to be purely decorative, but now I’m thinking about putting in some edibles too. I’ve already got some thyme growing there anyway.

Continue trying to Grow our own Food

Having finally put some raised garden beds together last year, I’ve been impatiently watching the plants every day or so waiting for something edible to sprout. Overall it has been mixed results so far, but I’m still keen to try and grow as much food in our little patch of land as possible.

Grow a Green Wall

Something I wanted to achieve last year, but didn’t. It’s back on the list of goals for this year and I’ve been dropping comments to The Parents every now and then about how nice it would be to have a green wall. They’ve not said no, so maybe this means yes?

Install a Rainwater Tank

Another goal from last year that I didn’t get around to doing. Hello HQ would definitely benefit from having one, so it doesn’t make sense not to put one in. Just gotta save all my pennies.

Go on at least 5 Bushwalks/Hikes

Going bushwalking/hiking is something I also really enjoy yet sadly do not make time for. I don’t have anyone to go with, but realistically that shouldn’t stop me from going (apart from my fear of falling to my death with no one around to notice). I have a list of walking tracks around Sydney that I’ve been meaning to tick off, so perhaps this is the year I tick off a few.

Be Kind

Feeling a little deflated at the end of 2016 and hoping to have a better 2017. This goal is really just a personal reminder to be kind to others, but perhaps also to myself. I tend to get quite negative at times and it just needs to stop because it doesn’t help. In a world that feels like it’s slowly being swallowed up by darkness, it’s more important than ever to spread a little kindess.


So there you have my few simple goals for 2017. I’m also aiming to improve my health and continue exploring Sydney, but I feel I’ve been doing those already that there’s no need to set them as ‘goals’. I’m hoping that this is the year I get to say I’ve completed all my goals, but you never know. How about you? Have you made any goals or resolutions for 2017?