Taking Stock: October 2017

I’m still catching up on blog posts from months ago, so bear with me.

October, from memory, was a really busy and fun-filled month. Busy because I was attending post-grad class every week and trying my darndest not to procrastinate with my assignments. Fun-filled because I went out with friends to drinks, dinners and (shock-horror) breakfast. It was just a really nice month and if I had more like this then I could die a very happy woman.

Making: not a lot of progress with anything.

Cooking: my usual tomato pasta salad — pasta with sun-dried tomato pesto, with fresh cherry tomatoes, baby bocconcini and rocket.

Reading: about Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and it’s doing my head in!

Playing:Tell Me You Love Me‘ by Galantis and Throttle, and some random pop music that I can’t really remember.

Enjoying: a random breakfast date with friends at Ristretto and Co. I don’t normally wake up in time for breakfast, but having pancakes with ice cream and fruit is worth getting out of bed early.

Sorting: out my large raised garden bed to prepare it for Summer crops.

Wondering: how best to describe the relationship between Super Boy and I at the moment.

Waiting: impatiently for my dwarf purple bean seeds to sprout. They didn’t sprout after ten days so I planted more seeds. Then they all suddenly sprouted!

Deciding: to aim towards a more sustainable way of living.

Wishing: that Hello HQ’s gardens were Insta-worthy. I’ve got a major case of garden envy right now!

Liking: after-work drinks and dinner at Alex & Co with good company.

Disliking: rude people who push in front of you in a queue.

Considering: practicing mindfulness meditation again, but not really making the time for it.

Watching: the movie ‘Moana’, some episodes of ‘Law and Order: SVU’, and the League of Legends Worlds semi-final matches (FYI, League of Legends is a team-based computer game and I am a total dork).

Marvelling: at the ‘Pollination’ display at The Calyx at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

Wanting: another raised garden bed (still).

Needing: that deep repair massage I booked with a friend. We went to CHI, The Spa at the Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney and the masseuse Krissy worked her magic hands on me. She asked what I wanted and loosened up my neck and shoulder muscles like it wasn’t a problem.

Following: hidden pathways during Parramatta Lanes.

Noticing: all the cute little houses of Sydney.

Knowing: that I need to get started with my Uni assignment as soon as possible if I don’t want a last-minute cram like before.

Thinking: about all the conversations that Super Boy and I have been having this month.

Buying: nothing in particular this month. I spent a lot of money on outings though…

Getting: excited that a mandarin plant I grew from seed now has little flower buds!

Admiring: the beautiful wisteria and cherry blossoms that are still flowering.

Hoping: to get through the rest of Uni and have a looong break!

Loving: dinner at Sepia with Super Boy the birthday boy. Haha. The food was oh-so-good!

Giggling: with friends and work colleagues while out at after-work drinks.

Planning: a weekend away in Melbourne once post-grad Uni classes are over.

Feeling: really happy.

{I started ‘taking stock’ after seeing it over on Meet Me At Mike’s. You can check out the original ‘taking stock’ to find a list or see what others are up to. Let me know if you decide to join in. I’d love to know how your month has been.}

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