Dinner at Sepia

Ermagherd! Dinner at Sepia! This happened months ago, but even as I think about it now I’m salivating. Seriously, the food is amazing. I remember how good the food was when I went years ago, so I decided to book dinner there to celebrate Super Boy’s 30th birthday.

the amuse bouche

tuna, egg yolk, fromage blanc, tosa soy sauce, wasabi

dashimaki tamago, uni, koshihikari egg rice, shikuwasa, nori, sobacha

chargrilled David Blackmore wagyu beef, nameko mushroom, nori mustard, mushroom powder


Spring chocolate forest

We ordered the tasting menu, which was AU$245 per person. The waiter recommended that we also try the fresh oysters so we ordered half a dozen to start, and my goodness they were tasty! The freshness of the oysters plus the yuzu dressing matched perfectly. Of course, the tasting menu was also super delicious! I savoured every single bite. I was so jealous that Super Boy got the chocolate forest dessert, but it was his birthday so I guess that’s fair. Dinner at Sepia was amazing and I would highly recommend eating here if you can afford to splash some cash. Perhaps do it soon because rumour has it that they’ll be closing their doors mid-2018.

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