Goals for 2017: a review

Goodbye 2017! And hello 2018!

I’m not really sure how to best sum up my experience of 2017. It’s been a good year overall. I did my best to fill up my diary with events, helpful quotes and notes to myself. It’s nice to look back on and remember all the little things. I want to get some pocket-sized photos printed out and stuck in, and then I’ll have a lovely little yearbook.

Anyway, I can’t wave goodbye to 2017 without reviewing my goals for the year. As I had mentioned, I was wanting to continue with my green theme so a lot of my goals for 2017 were on-going from the previous year. I was hoping to do a lot better this time around, so let’s see how I went shall we?

Continue to make the Frontyard into a Garden

Oh, my beloved Wasteland. While I did make a small start to the frontyard last year, there is still plenty left to be done. I’m aiming to at least tackle another garden bed and finally build something for our star jasmine to climb on. I previously wanted the frontyard to be purely decorative, but now I’m thinking about putting in some edibles too. I’ve already got some thyme growing there anyway.

Ahh… the Wasteland. Apart from keeping everything in the one and only planted garden bed alive, I did nothing else to make progress with the others. Nothing! Building an arch or trellis for some star jasmine to climb over was always on the back of my mind, but unfortunately it never went further than that. Oh well. There’s always next year.

Continue trying to Grow our own Food

Having finally put some raised garden beds together last year, I’ve been impatiently watching the plants every day or so waiting for something edible to sprout. Overall it has been mixed results so far, but I’m still keen to try and grow as much food in our little patch of land as possible.

I am so proud to announce that I have been continuing to grow food here at Hello HQ. I didn’t get to add any new raised garden beds (I’ve done some planning though), but I did try growing veggies in Winter for the first time ever. My broccoli was more broccolini and the Chinese cabbage got eaten by bugs before humans, but I’m still happy with what we’ve managed to grow and harvest this year. It’s been better than last year and I can only hope we will continue to improve over time.

Here’s a snapshot of my larger raised vegetable garden in Winter, with broccoli at the front and some out-of-control snow peas climbing everywhere at the back. There’s some Chinese cabbage in the back right, and the purple flowers at the front are for decoration and the bees if they want it. Honestly, this photo makes me so happy!

Grow a Green Wall

Something I wanted to achieve last year, but didn’t. It’s back on the list of goals for this year and I’ve been dropping comments to The Parents every now and then about how nice it would be to have a green wall. They’ve not said no, so maybe this means yes?

After having a discussion with The Parents, I finally convinced them that we should grow a green wall. Yay! I chose the plant (Japanese wisteria), Mum chose the pot for it, and Dad helped to construct the trellis for us. Talk about team effort. It’s definitely still in the growing phase, but I can’t wait until it covers the trellis and starts flowering (and blocks out our harsh Summer sun). We just need to keep it alive until then.

Install a Rainwater Tank

Another goal from last year that I didn’t get around to doing. Hello HQ would definitely benefit from having one, so it doesn’t make sense not to put one in. Just gotta save all my pennies.

Still haven’t gotten around to installing a rainwater tank. How terrible. I kept telling myself I just need to get x, y and z done before I have the space to put a rainwater tank in, but I never got around to it. Procrastination is the story of my life. However, I must say that I have been saving the laundry grey water to water the non-edibles and the lawn, which has inspired my Mum to do the same. And I also saw a handy idea to catch the shower water from before you hop in at the right temperature. It’s amazing how much that water adds up! So while I still haven’t installed a rainwater tank, I’ve been been “catching water” in my own way.

Go on at least 5 Bushwalks/Hikes

Going bushwalking/hiking is something I also really enjoy yet sadly do not make time for. I don’t have anyone to go with, but realistically that shouldn’t stop me from going (apart from my fear of falling to my death with no one around to notice). I have a list of walking tracks around Sydney that I’ve been meaning to tick off, so perhaps this is the year I tick off a few.

Yikes. I’m ashamed to admit that I only made time for one bushwalk/hike this year. Pretty embarrassing considering there are 52 weeks in a year. I could blame starting postgrad for giving me less time, but the reality is that I didn’t make the time.

Be Kind

Feeling a little deflated at the end of 2016 and hoping to have a better 2017. This goal is really just a personal reminder to be kind to others, but perhaps also to myself. I tend to get quite negative at times and it just needs to stop because it doesn’t help. In a world that feels like it’s slowly being swallowed up by darkness, it’s more important than ever to spread a little kindess.

Well, this year I started giving blood and plasma, started regular donations to a charity, and supported a few causes that I believe in. But these are out-of-the-ordinary gestures or actions. What about the day-to-day? I’m not so sure. It’s hard to look back on the year and decide whether or not I’ve been kind (or kind enough). No one wants to be labelled as unkind, but I’m not sure I’ve done enough to say with certainty that I’ve achieved this goal. Perhaps we’ll call this a work in progress.

So there you have my goals for 2017. Once again it was a mixed bag in terms of achievement, but that’s okay. I’m hoping to learn from all of this and do better next year. I’m grateful for the year I had and all the good memories that have come from it. As always, thanks for reading along and keeping me and my little blog company. Hoping you all had a wonderful festive season, and wishing you a fantastic year ahead!

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