Spring Harvest Festival 2017

I’m continuing my series of long-overdue blog posts and I’m so excited to be sharing this one! It was the first time I had ever heard of the Spring Harvest Festival, which was held at Elizabeth Farm. I drive past signs pointing to Elizabeth Farm all the time, so I thought it was about time I went to check it out. There were food stalls, talks and demonstrations, and the homestead and gardens were open for exploring. I took The Parents with me and we had such a lovely time. I’m hoping to put everything I observed and learned that day into practice!

The Parents and I decided to check out the kitchen garden first, especially since we’ve been trying to grow our own food. I love spying on other people’s gardens, particularly food gardens, so I can get ideas on what to grow and how to plant things.

I’m always jealous of other people’s gardens. After walking through the kitchen garden, we wandered inside the house for a look at the kitchen areas before finding a spot in the courtyard. I was pretty excited because Cornersmith were giving a talk about fermenting.

They make it sound super duper easy (and it probably is, except my brain isn’t fully functional) and I’m still excited about giving it a go! After this, The Parents and I got hungry so we went in search of food.

We ended up getting a barbecued chroizo sausage each (which were too salty on their own), washed it down with a non-alcoholic apple cider, and followed it up with some pastries for dessert. After eating, we decided to tour through the rest of the homestead.

After checking out each of the rooms, I wanted to check out the butter making workshop, but so did thirty other kids and their parents so I sadly had to pass. The saddest face. The Parents and I wandered around a little more, I found and bought a seasonal food guide for Sydney from Slow Food Australia, and we listened to someone talk about no-dig gardens before calling it a day. It was such a lovely and relaxing day at the Spring Harvest Festival. I’m hoping to find more events like this to attend in future. Elizabeth Farm is open throughout the year as well, so check it out if you’re interested. It’s a beautiful place.

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