Taking Stock: August 2017

August was a good month for me, I think. It’s hard to recall everything I did since it was so long ago and I lost half of my August photos! But what I do remember has been great. It’s nice being out and about in the Winter sun exploring new places, although it hasn’t been nice that Uni has started again and I’m back into stress mode. Overall, a good month.

Making: nothing in particular this month.

Cooking: work lunches but not really remembering what exactly.

Reading: book chapters and journal articles now that Uni has started up again.

Playing:Lay It On Me‘ by Vance Joy and ‘The Cure‘ by Lady Gaga (which I’m obsessed with).

Enjoying: the Winter garden at the Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens.

Sorting: out nothing this month, even though I had plenty to do.

Wondering: why I just can’t seem to grow any carrots or pak choi.

Waiting: impatiently for my snow peas and broccoli to grow so that we can harvest them.

Deciding: to attend a talk about native bees by Megan Halcroft. It was interesting and sad, but also encouraging.

Wishing: I could build a bee hotel for Hello HQ, but I know The Parents wouldn’t want one.

Liking: the Sculpture at Barangaroo exhibit.

Disliking: how freakin’ windy it has been!

Considering: nothing in particular this month.

Watching: the ‘Death Note’ anime series and the Netflix movie. I’ll be honest, I didn’t like the movie, but maybe that’s because I’m comparing it to the anime.

Marvelling: at all the street art in Sydney and how talented some people are.

Wanting: another small raised garden bed.

Needing: to re-focus my brain on my post-grad studies.

Following: garden paths through Auburn Japanese Gardens to admire the new cherry blossoms (and maybe chase the peacocks that roam through the gardens).

Noticing: that my snow pea plants have grown out of control and there is no longer any hope of training them along a trellis. I’ll just have to let them grow wild, which isn’t a bad thing really.

Knowing: that I need to start my Uni assignments earlier (but not really doing much about it).

Thinking: about all the things I need to do to Hello HQ to prepare it for Summer.

Buying: (possibly) too many KFC wicked wings. It was only AU$10 for 15 and they taste so darn good!

Getting: too excited about KFC wicked wings.

Admiring: all of the bees! Not just honey bees, but native bees too, and the vital role they play in our ecosystem.

Hoping: that I’ll be able to get through this semester at Uni.

Loving: all the street art Super Boy and I found on our walk. Can’t wait to go back and look for more!

Giggling: with work colleagues as we strolled through the Smooth Festival of Chocolate.

Planning: to have a fancy dinner for Super Boy’s birthday, which is still months away!

Feeling: pretty content with how things are going at the moment.

{I started ‘taking stock’ after seeing it over on Meet Me At Mike’s. You can check out the original ‘taking stock’ to find a list or see what others are up to. Let me know if you decide to join in. I’d love to know how your month has been.}

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