Perfect Match

by Peque

by Mulga

Perfect Match‘ is an initiative in Sydney’s inner west suburbs that aims to reduce unwanted graffiti by connecting artists with property owners. The results are streets full of amazing artworks! There was an actual festival to go along with this, but seeing as we missed it, Super Boy and I decided to spend a random day strolling through the streets in search of art.

Super Boy and I met at St Peters train station and decided we would walk around the area before heading towards Newtown. We stopped for brunch at The End of King, which was a cute little space with super tasty food. After re-fuelling, we wandered the streets of the inner west searching for more art.

This colourful work by Mulga is my favourite! I love how the artwork will evolve over time as the garden grows. You can check it out on Pearl Street in Newtown. Highly recommended!

I also really like the work of Magee (directly above).

Super Boy and I eventually wandered from St Peters to central Newtown (with many detours along the way).

We spotted a few more artworks by Magee along the way. It was a lot of fun looking for artworks on the street. I’m so happy they exist! Despite all the walking Super Boy and I did, we couldn’t see all of the artworks listed on the Perfect Match map. We’re hoping to go for another walk when it’s warmer (we did this in late August) to find some more.

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