Smooth Festival of Chocolate 2017

Back in August, some friends and I popped down to The Rocks for the Smooth Festival of Chocolate. As the name suggests, it was a festival dedicated to all things chocolate. There were food, drink and dessert stalls everywhere. And people!

I arrived late (classic Sandy), but my friends had found a spot on the MCA lawn and saved me a cold press espresso martini from Mr Black to kickstart my day. It was really tasty, but probably not the best thing to start on with an empty stomach.

Since I was late, my friends already ate so I went to the Milky Lane stall and bought their Milky Lane burger with a Belgium chocolate thickshake. The burger was so good and I devoured it so ungracefully I’m surprised my friends didn’t run away with fear. Haha. The thickshake I bought for a friend and she said it was yummy.

After I scoffed down my burger, we wandered over to the stall selling the only thing I really wanted to try β€” Black Star Pastry’s famous strawberry watermelon cake in soft serve form. And it was delicious! We sat by the harbour eating and chatting away.

It was such a gorgeous day. We wandered around the festival a bit more before settling for a pub lunch, and then headed to Barangaroo to check out Sculpture at Barangaroo. It was a beautiful day to be out and about in Sydney. I enjoyed the Smooth Festival of Chocolate, but I’m honestly not a hardcore chocolate fan to have made the most of it. I’d still go back next year though.

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