I’m Alive!

Holy moly! It has been way too long since I’ve wandered into the blogosphere. In case you were wondering β€” I am alive, thanks for your concern.

I have been back at Uni for semester two of my postgraduate course. It has stepped up a notch and I feel like I am struggling to keep up. Everyone else is so smart and experienced, and then there’s dinky old me just sitting there. I don’t know if I’ll make it through this semester, but damn it I need to try! I struggled with my last assignment and I’m determined not to let that happen again for the next one. So with Uni taking hold of my life once again, I’ve not made time for this space, which I miss dearly. I have so many posts I’ve been meaning to write since July (yikes!).

Unfortunately, my beloved phone also crapped out on me last night. It’s stuck in reboot loop hell and I couldn’t figure out a way to fix the problem. The guy at the phone store doesn’t think it’s worth bothering to fix since it’s almost two years old, so I’ve bought a new phone to get by for now. I’ve not backed up my photos since mid-August and I’m so sad that they’re all lost now. Lesson learned though: always back-up your stuff! Hopefully I’ll be able to get out there with my new phone and test out its camera soon, but for now you can check out my Instagram feed for what I’ve been up to lately. Blog posts will be coming up soon!

Hope you’ve been well and that the world has been kind to you.

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