Jurassic Lounge: Robots vs Dinosaurs

OMG you guys! Have you ever heard of Jurassic Lounge?! I haven’t. But when I learned the theme was ‘Robots vs Dinosaurs’, I promptly squealed with excitement and then bought tickets to go with Super Boy (poor guy, getting dragged to all these weird events with me). I’ll be honest though, I missed most of the stuff going on that night because I was way too happy dancing at the Silent Disco! We did manage to check out the Spiders exhibit beforehand and watched a tarantula being milked for her venom, which was awesome. Here are a few snaps from the night.

That’s my creepy hand silhouette from painting with light. Anyway, although I missed most of the Robots vs Dinosaurs stuff, I still had an amazing time and saw some pretty neat costumes too. I’m hoping to return to the Australian Museum for next year’s Jurassic Lounge, and try to do more than dance the night away!

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