Taking Stock: June 2017

With my final Uni assignment of the semester out of the way, I feel like I can finally catch up with things online and in real life. Honestly, it felt like I was holed up forever, but in reality it was only two or three weeks. This month was a pretty laid back affair and nothing of note really springs to mind. So, let’s try to remember what I got up to in June…

Making: some progress with my knitted blanket. Winter was made for watching TV and knitting.

Cooking: penne with homemade mushroom and tomato sauce. It was surprisingly tasty.

Reading: so many journal articles and book chapters on systemic family therapy to help me finish my final Uni assignment for the semester. I don’t think any of it has sunk in…

Playing: Still Got Time‘ by Zayn feat. Party Next Door, ‘There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back‘ by Shawn Mendes, and still playing ‘Heat Stroke‘ by Calvin Harris feat. Young Thug, Pharrell Williams and Ariana Grande and ‘Slide’ by Calvin Harris feat. Frank Ocean and Migos.

Enjoying: dinner at Saké Restaurant and Bar. It was so good!

Sorting: out some private health insurance (haphazardly).

Wondering: how long it will be before I can harvest some Winter veggies.

Waiting: for a challenging client to finish with our program, and to mark the end with dinner and drinks to unwind.

Deciding: to give blood for the first time in over 10 years! I got a strawberry milkshake, sausage rolls and some chocolates as a reward afterwards and it felt great!

Wishing: I was smarter and more dedicated for this postgraduate course…

Liking: all the Japanese snacks that my Younger Sister sent over.

Disliking: that I submitted my final Uni assignment for the semester in late. I only have myself to blame.

Considering: donating plasma after the nurse taking my blood donation explained how it worked and that I’d be a good candidate.

Watching: ‘MasterChef Australia’ with Mum, ‘Dr Strange’ with friends, and ‘Law and Order: Criminal Intent’ with The Bestie.

Marvelling: at my snow pea plants and how they wrap themselves around my bamboo trellis.

Wanting: to eat Korean BBQ so badly.

Needing: to (finally) put on the electric blanket, and sleep has never been so good.

Following: light installations around Circular Quay and The Rocks for Vivid Sydney.

Noticing: the sneaky green caterpillars eating all my pak choi and starting on my broccoli. I didn’t smoosh them, I simply moved them elsewhere.

Knowing: that I should have started earlier with writing my final assignment.

Thinking: too much about him again…

Buying: a new hot water tank because ours decided to crap out on us. Also buying some Chinese cabbage seedings and Dutch carrot seedlings.

Getting: super spooked by a large huntsman spider in my bathroom!

Admiring: my Winter veggie garden. It’s the first time I’m trying to grow something in Winter and it’s actually looking pretty good, even if there’s nothing edible in there yet.

Hoping: to get a decent grade for my final Uni assignment for this semester (spoiler alert: got a credit, even after my 5% late submission penalty. Woo!).

Loving: the beautiful lights of Vivid Sydney, even though I didn’t get to see as much as I would have hoped.

Giggling: with The Bestie as we hang out and play Heroes of the Storm.

Planning: a few activities for July.

Feeling: pretty optimistic and hopeful.

{I started ‘taking stock’ after seeing it over on Meet Me At Mike’s. You can check out the original ‘taking stock’ to find a list or see what others are up to. Let me know if you decide to join in. I’d love to know how your month has been.}

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