Vivid Sydney 2017

Vivid Sydney has come and gone for another year. There was so much to see and do this year, and I unfortunately missed most of it because I busy trying to work on my Uni assignment. Blah. I still managed to go out one night to Circular Quay and The Rocks to check it out. After dinner at Sake Restaurant and Bar, Super Boy and I wandered around to see as many of the light displays as possible. Here are some of my favourites.

I thought this MailboX was the cutest! Apparently you could tweet at it and talk to it. The kid said hello and the box lit up with a huge smiley face. I tried after the kid, but the mailbox completely ignored my pleas for affection. Sad face…

I always love seeing what’s on the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA). This year’s light installation was Organic Vibrations, which was so beautiful and colourful.

We stumbled across Landscape of the Mind, which were several body maps charting how people experience anxiety. It was beautifully presented and definitely very interesting to see.

And of course, Lighting of the Sails. This year’s theme was Audio Creatures. I loved watching the bright creatures morphing onto the Sydney Opera House, but I think my favourite of all were the jellyfish. There’s something about the way jellyfish move that is so mesmerising. Super Boy and I walked along the harbour and I had to stop so many times to admire the Lighting of the Sails. It’s my favourite light installation I’ve seen this year.

I have missed a lot of the precincts this year! Taronga Zoo and the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney were lit up again, and Barangaroo was a newcomer. Although I’m sad I didn’t get around to seeing them, I’m glad that I at least made it out to catch some of Vivid Sydney. Next year, I’m gonna try and visit all of the precincts!

3 thoughts on “Vivid Sydney 2017

  1. Lignum Draco says:

    Glad you got to see at least part of it, Sandy. Make sure you see as much of it as you can in 2018. And post about it. My preliminary holiday planning suggests I’ll completely miss seeing VIVID this year.


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