Dinner at Sake Restaurant and Bar

Stumbling across Saké Restaurant and Bar in The Rocks was like finding a secret restaurant. Super Boy and I happened to walk past this place when we were searching for food during the Sydney Festival. There was just a door with the sign above it. We could only stay for a quick bite then, but promised that we’d return one day for dinner. And that day was when we ventured out for Vivid Sydney. I was so excited!

I couldn’t go to Saké Restaurant and Bar for dinner and not order some saké. After looking at their drinks menu I decided on the Amabuki ‘Pink Lady’, which is a lovely soft pink coloured saké that was easy to drink. It’s sweeter than other sakés I’ve had, with a tiny hint of strawberry. It was really nice. As for food, we thought about the set menu but decided to order two entreés and two mains instead.

tuna avocado salad

grilled baby octopus

bangalow pork cutlet

‘glacier 51’ toothfish

In hindsight, we probably should have ordered a side dish or two for some veggies to balance it out. Nevermind. The food though. Oh man, the food was sooo delicious! Super Boy and I happily devoured it all between sips of saké. The food and the atmosphere just made dining here so good. Our meal cost us AU$178 which also included a bottle of sparkling water. It was nice to go back to Saké Restaurant and Bar for dinner. I’m really hoping to come back again soon.

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