Taking Stock: May 2017

May felt like a really good month for me. I finally came out of hibernation and ventured out a little. The Autumn leaves were showing off and I couldn’t be happier. I’m not sure what was in the air, but I really did my best to be a bit more productive than usual. Here’s how it went…

Making: no progress with any household projects.

Cooking: a roast leg of lamb with plenty of veggies. It was pretty tasty.

Reading: book chapters and journal articles on systemic family therapy for my final Uni assignment of the semester.

Playing:Heat Stroke‘ by Calvin Harris feat Young Thug, Pharrell Williams and Ariana Grande, ‘It Ain’t Me‘ by Kygo and Selena Gomez, and ‘Slide’ by Calvin Harris feat Frank Ocean and Migos (still). I’ve also been listening to ‘The Guilty Feminist‘ podcast, which has been fantastic.

Enjoying: dinner at Azuma with The Parents.

Sorting: out the backyard herbs and veggies. I finally pruned the mint and set up a trellis for the snow peas. Yay!

Wondering: what else I can grow in Winter.

Waiting: with Mum and Dad for their respective medical appointments. Everything seems to be in order (thank goodness).

Deciding: on nothing notable this month.

Wishing: that my Uni assignment would write itself.

Liking: my short bushwalk to see Empress Falls. It’s my first hike of the year and I really need to make time for more.

Disliking: that I somehow managed to get a deep cut in my finger that wouldn’t stop bleeding all day…

Considering: what I can do as an individual to make a positive change for the world around me.

Watching: the UNSW Jazz Orchestra and Advanced Jazz Ensemble with Satoko Fujii and Natsuki Tamura for a live jazz music event. It was my first time seeing jazz live and although I don’t quite understand it, I’m hoping to be able to see more in future.

Marvelling: at the growth of my snow peas and daikon.  It’s my first time trying to grow Winter veggies and I’m so excited.

Wanting: a bit more energy.

Needing: to get my hair trimmed into shape and start looking human again.

Following: class mates to the campus bar to celebrate the end of semester.

Noticing: that my pak choi plants are being eaten away by something, but unable to find the critters responsible.

Knowing: that I should get started on and prioritise my Uni assignment.

Thinking: about all the things I need to do around the house. There’s so many things to do!

Buying: nothing this month.

Getting: excited to finally visit Uncle Kurt’s, a hidden bar in Parramatta. I ordered the First Date cocktail which tasted great. You can read a proper review here.

Admiring: the cute little bees still buzzing around my garden, even though it’s gotten a lot cooler these days.

Hoping: that my Winter veggie garden will produce something edible.

Loving: my trip to the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden. We missed the Autumn leaves, but there was still so much to see. I also loved lunch at Tomah Gardens Restaurant. The food was so good!

Giggling: with The Bestie as we play Heroes of the Storm. I’m really hooked on this game.

Planning: to get started on my final Uni assignment of the semester, but struggling to find where to begin.

Feeling: tired, but hopeful. Maybe I should schedule some time to rest.

{I started ‘taking stock’ after seeing it over on Meet Me At Mike’s. You can check out the original ‘taking stock’ to find a list or see what others are up to. Let me know if you decide to join in. I’d love to know how your month has been.}

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