Lunch at Tomah Gardens Restaurant

The Parents and I visited the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden about a month ago. Before we ventured into the gardens though, we needed a belly full of food. So, we decided to have lunch at the Tomah Gardens Restuarant.

The Parents wanted to sit inside, but there are tables on the terrace for you to enjoy your food with a view. Maybe next time…

Since it was such a lovely day, I decided I wanted a cider. This was a really tasty non-alcoholic cider that even The Parents enjoyed (note to self: find this cider closer to home).

sourdough and house churned butter

cauliflower soup

salad of roasted beetroot, ‘Willowbrae’ goat’s curd and pepitas

These entrees were pretty tasty. The Parents tried cauliflower soup for the first time and loved it, especially with the tiny fried cauliflower florets sprinkled on top (another note to self: try this at home). I really enjoyed the salad, but I’m thinking it was really just the goat’s cheese and that salad dressing.

free-range chook roasted with pumpkin, greens, gravy and mash

braised beef and mushroom pot pie

Dad ordered the roast chicken and happily devoured it. He loved everything on that plate of food. Mum and I ordered the beef and mushroom pie and happily ate ours too. Mum loved the flavour of the beef and the flakiness of the pastry. Unfortunately, we were too full to try their dessert, which is a shame because they had fruit scones and a dark chocolate mousse that I would have loved to eat. The menu is small, but the food was so damn tasty. All up it cost AU$183.70, which I think is reasonable considering the food and the location (not to mention that it’s actually a one-hat restaurant). With our bellies full, The Parents and I had the energy to wander (or waddle) through the gardens.

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