The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden: Take Two

I actually visited the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden about a month ago with The Parents. I really enjoyed it last time I went, and since they had never been I thought we’d go and check out the Autumn leaves. It was such a nice day to be out and strolling through the gardens.

The Rock Garden was my favourite part of the whole garden last time I visited, and still remains a firm favourite. The Parents and I spent a lot of time meandering through and admiring all the plants before heading down to The Beach.

We then made our way through the Australian Woodland and strolled around the Heath and Heather Garden. Unfortunately, we just missed out on seeing the Autumn leaves.

We then made our way past the North American Woodland and Southern Hemisphere Woodland, admiring the plants along the way.

The Parents and I eventually made our way to where the Proteaceaes and Rhododendrons were. Please don’t ask me which is which because I’m not on a first-name basis with my planty friends. The Parents and I thought they looked wonderful though.

We made our way back towards the Visitor Centre for one last look at the gardens before we left.

It was such a lovely day out. I’m glad The Parents enjoyed it too. We also had lunch at the Tomah Gardens Restaurant before starting our walk, which was so good (blog post coming up). I also didn’t realise that this was the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden’s 30th birthday, and I’ve heard they’re going to be celebrating later this year, so I guess I’ll be back again.

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