Take a Hike: Empress Falls, Blue Mountains

Empress Falls was empress-ive! Haha. Seriously though, it was. I did this bushwalk a little while ago now. I hadn’t planned to see it, but was so glad that I did. I actually wanted to do the Valley of the Waters track, but they had sectioned it off for some back-burning earlier in the week. Doing a solo hike, I didn’t want to risk it so decided for a quick trip to Empress Falls instead.

Since the Queen Victoria Lookout was on the way, I made a quick pit-stop.

It was so peaceful being here by myself, with the sound of a rushing waterfall in the distance. It was a pretty grey and miserable-looking day, but this view was still amazing. I may have spent a lot of time here before continuing to Empress Falls.

I enjoy going for solo hikes because I love looking at and taking in every single part of nature. It was around this point that I could hear the rush of Empress Falls.

A ‘mini-waterfall’ along the way.

There’s Empress Falls in the distance. With a bit more hiking to go, I finally reached the base of Empress Falls.

It’s so beautiful! I was lucky to be alone in this space, surrounded by the rock cliffs, with the sound of the water echoing around me. It was so lovely and peaceful to just be there and enjoy the moment. There’s something about being surrounded in nature that reminds you how tiny you and your problems are.

After a while, I kept following the path and came across another waterfall. I think if I had kept going, I would have eventually hiked the Valley of the Waters track. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time and so made the hard journey back up. I was so knackered by the end of it, but loved my little hike. I can’t wait to do a few more.

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