Sydney Royal Easter Show

It’s been so long since I went to the Sydney Royal Easter Show, and even longer for The Parents. So when Dad said he wanted to visit this year, I couldn’t say no. For those who don’t know, the Easter Show is essentially an agricultural expo with lots of carnival rides and games, so much food and a giant hall selling bags of goodies. I thought I’d just share some random bits from our day at the show.

We began by slowly wandering through the rides section. I managed to get a selfie with pikachu, and we had a quick pizza break before we found our way to the Animal Walk.

Seeing all the animals is the main reason I love going to the Easter Show. The Parents and I spent hours going along the Animal Walk and getting as close as possible. The Farmyard Nursery was bonkers with everyone trying to pet and feed the animals, and the animals all searching for food.

Of course we also had to visit the Food Dome. I loved seeing the massive displays of produce from each region. It’s even more impressive now that I understand how difficult growing your own fruit and veggies can be. You can buy some produce from the farmers if you wanted to. I was interested in some things, but The Parents weren’t too keen. We did manage to eat fresh oysters, sample some free food, and I bought some dukkah that I can’t wait to use.

The sun had actually set by the time we emerged from the Food Dome. We found some proper food (not just food samples) for dinner before heading home. It was a lovely day out and I’m glad The Parents were able to visit the Sydney Royal Easter Show once again.

2 thoughts on “Sydney Royal Easter Show

  1. Lignum Draco says:

    You got some nice weather. I haven’t been since the Show left the Moore Park precinct. The produce displays were always amazing,

    No mention of showbags bought? 🙂


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