Back to School

I am officially a post-grad student! Can you believe it? I still can’t.

It all started some time last year when a colleague showed me a course and said that it would be great if we could do it together. I was a bit hesitant, but she encouraged me to apply, so we both did it. Unfortunately, her application was declined whereas mine was put on a waiting list and I was eventually offered a place. I felt really bad (and still do), but my colleague once again encouraged me and so I accepted and enrolled into Uni.

I attended a welcome for post-grad students last week and it was nice but odd to be sitting in a lecture theatre once again. It’s been almost ten years. I honestly don’t know if I’ll get through the whole course (two years, part-time), especially since I’m already procrastinating. Class starts this week and I have readings to get through before each lecture and tutorial, but the brain is struggling to take any information in. I’m already thinking about building an IKEA shelf ‘to help get me organised’ and I’m writing this post and catching up on other blogs.

Seriously, I’m going to need a lot of motivation and discipline to get through this. I really have no excuse since everyone I know has been so supportive and I have no responsibilities apart from work. So there’s no getting out of it. Post-grad life, here I come.

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