Taking Stock: January 2017

Hello and here we are once again. I promised myself that I’d try to put together these ‘Taking Stock‘ posts within a week of the month being over, but sadly I couldn’t stick to it. Not even for the first month of 2017. Ah well. I will try again for next month, but let’s talk about January right now.

Oh January. It felt like a long month for me. What about you? My Younger Sister was back in Sydney and we spent a lot of time catching up as a family and with the extended family. I can’t complain with all the yum cha and nice dinners we’ve been having. I’ve also had more than my fair share of lazy evenings and weekends, either with The Bestie watching TV and over-snacking, or on my own doing nothing in particular. I know people usually make January the month of doing new things but it’s just been business as usual for me.

Making: some scribbles in my 2017 diary in the hopes that it can also double as a journal. I wonder where I can get a little photo-sticker-printer-thingy.

Cooking: corn and four bean salad with a boiled egg and sriracha mayo. I also cooked bolognese for the first time in a long time. I’m a bit out of touch unfortunately.

Reading: ‘The Angel’s Game’ by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, which I’ve finally finished and really enjoyed.

Playing:Sexual‘ by Neiked feat. Dyo (which has grown on me), ‘I Feel It Coming’ by The Weekend feat. Daft Punk (which I’m still loving), as well as ‘Stranger‘ by Peking Duk feat. Elliphant. I’ve also been playing ‘The Awkward Human Survival Guide‘ podcast. I’m starting from episode one and slowly making my way through the 100+ episodes.

Enjoying: my evening at Sydney Festival with Super Boy. ‘The Beach’ was so much fun! And watching ‘Briefs: The Second Coming’ made me super happy!

Sorting: through the bathroom cupboard to clear out unused products. Some are still unopened or barely used, so I’m hoping I can donate them.

Wondering: what book to start reading next.

Waiting: for motivation to strike for some gardening.

Deciding: to finally get my hair trimmed in time for Chinese New Year.

Wishing: at the local temple as The Parents and I pay our respects during Chinese New Year.

Liking: all the tasty Japanese snacks that my Younger Sister brought back with her.

Disliking: the hot weather. 40°C days are intolerable.

Considering: making pesto from all the basil that’s growing surprisingly well in my raised garden bed, although we never use pesto…

Watching: anime with The Bestie. We finished watching the first two seasons of ‘Food Wars’ and started watching a few different series to find our next binge.

Marvelling: at being able to grow zucchini for the first time ever! And that The Parents are finally eating zucchini.

Wanting: to go on a bushwalk, but not having planned anything.

Needing: to slather on the sunscreen and possibly think about getting prescription sunglasses.

Following: advice to finally see my GP about the recent bouts of stomach pain.

Noticing: how tanned I am compared to my Younger Sister.

Knowing: that I should probably check my e-mails. Haven’t done so for over a month now…

Thinking: of my goals for 2017. Shouldn’t be too difficult, right…?

Buying: lots of fancy meals and a shiny new fridge.

Getting: too excited watching the Australian Open and at Federer winning his 18th grand slam! Woo!

Admiring: Mum’s home-cooked Chinese New Year Eve feast. The taro-stuffed chicken wing was so delicious! Also admiring Mum’s vegetarian noodles. Oh man, they’re sooo good.

Hoping: to be able to harvest some veggies from the raised garden bed soon.

Loving: lunch at Chiswick Restaurant, afternoon tea at The Tea Room and really loving dinner at Quay.

Giggling: with my Younger Sister in real life, rather than through Skype.

Planning: to plant some edibles in the front yard. A tomato plant, maybe? Or perhaps some beans?

Feeling: refreshed after some time off work, and hopeful despite all the bad news in the world.

{I started ‘taking stock’ after seeing it over on Meet Me At Mike’s. You can check out the original ‘taking stock’ to find a list or see what others are up to. Let me know if you decide to join in. I’d love to know how your month has been.}

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