Sydney Festival 2017

On Friday, Super Boy and I headed out after work to see some events for Sydney Festival. The Sydney Festival is back on and currently in full swing. I usually post something after it’s done and dusted, but I had so much fun that I wanted to share it with you now!

The Beach has got to be one of my favourite interactive art installations so far! It’s essentially a giant ball pit filled with over 1 million white plastic balls. There were floaties, beach balls and deck chairs for people to use as well. I had so much fun playing around here, and it seemed like everyone else loved it too. After frolicking around The Beach, Super Boy was getting hungry so we went in search of food.

chirashi salad

chirashi salad

short rib robata

short rib robata

miso caramelised black cod

miso caramelised black cod

I had originally wanted to wander around the food stalls in Hyde Park for dinner, but Super Boy wanted to eat in a restaurant. As we were making our way from The Beach towards Hyde Park, we came across Saké Restaurant and Bar in The Rocks, which looked promising so we went in. I’m so glad we had dinner here because the food was so delicious! That short rib robata was so tender, it’s insane. The only downside is that we had to have a quick meal so we could make it to our next show.

No photos were allowed during the show, but I don’t think they’d do Briefs any justice. Seriously. Oh. My. Freaking. Gosh! These boys were totally amazing! I can’t describe how captivated I was and how happy I am just remembering their performance. It was such a fun show. Please go and see Briefs and/or tell others about it if you haven’t already. They’re on for one more week, and they’re also doing a special Club Briefs show for one night only.

I know there’s still so much left to see at Sydney Festival, but I’ve had so much fun already!

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