An Afternoon in Coogee

I caught up with a Uni friend the other day who is lucky enough to call the suburb of Coogee her home! I haven’t seen her in who knows how long and it was so lovely to catch up with her again over brunch and a walk around her neighbourhood. Just thought I’d share some snippets from that beautiful day.

We had brunch at Cafe de France. Everything on the menu looked good, but I eventually chose the mushroom crepes with a poached egg. Naturally, I washed it down with an iced coffee. Yum!

We bought ice cream from Gelatissimo. I got the ‘Budgie Smuggler’ which was white chocolate, coconut and mango. My friend and I sat by the beach eating our ice cream, chatting away and catching up on each other’s lives. After many hours it was time for us to head home, but we promised we’d do this more often. Next time I might bring my swimmers for a little splash in the ocean.

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