Japan Trip: Dinner at Akasaka Tantei

Oh my days! In an effort to provide fond memories from Japan for The Parents, I decided that our family should have one last amazing meal and after some brief research, my Younger Sister and I decided on Akasaka Tantei. We were fortunate to get a booking for our last dinner in Japan and the meal did not disappoint!

From what I recall of Akasaka Tantei, inside was minimally decorated with a lot of wood and stone, and along the hallway were several rooms closed off to ensure privacy of the diners. Our room had the traditional tatami flooring and low table with leg room underneath. We were ushered in by a beautiful and ultra polite middle-aged Japanese lady dressed in a kimono, who would be our waitress for the evening. Being served food and drink by her made me feel so guilty.

Akasaka Tantei specialises in Okinawan food, which I’m not going to pretend I know anything about. All I know is that every dish from our 10-course meal looked so simple and elegant, and tasted mouth-wateringly good. I made sure to savour every bite. Our whole family loved it! If you ever get an opportunity to visit, please visit. It’s pricey, but the food and the service is well worth it. If you do happen to make a booking, can you also please take me with you? Thanks.

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