Japan Trip: Akihabara, Tokyo

Finally getting around to finishing off posts from my Japan trip in April. Eeep! Anyway, after travelling around Japan a little, we made our way back to Tokyo for our last few days. We decided to visit Akihabara, which is famous for its numerous electronic shops.

The views from Mister Donut in Akihabara. Haha. I can’t believe I almost didn’t have any donuts from here before leaving Japan. I bought the basic glazed donut and the strawberry glazed donut. They were light and fluffy and really good. After breakfast, we wandered around a little.

We eventually ventured inside Yodobashi Akiba, a massive department store full of all sorts of electronics and related stuff. There was a massive section for mobile phones, cases and charms. And I never even knew there could be a hundred types of hair-dryers to choose from. After wandering through each floor, we went to the restaurant level and ate some amazing tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) from Hamakatsu.

After lunch, we waddled around Yodobashi Akiba for a while longer before calling it a day. We wanted to get some rest (and probably should have left more room in our tummies) for our dinner later that evening.

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