Taking Stock: November 2016

Yoo-hoo! Anyone here? I clearly haven’t visited in a while and I wish I could say it’s because I’ve been so busy out and about. However, the truth is I’ve just been frantically tidying up around the house in preparation for when my Younger Sister returns for a little holiday. Who knew all those odd jobs would add up? Not a very exciting month for me, but definitely a productive one.

Making: nothing this month.

Cooking: smoked salmon and pickled gherkin pasta salad. Surprisingly tasty, but I think it’s mostly the Kewpie mayonnaise.

Reading: a tiny snippet of ‘Gypsy Pie’ by Romano Yehudi Solo. It was written and gifted to me by one of my clients.

Playing:Starboy‘ by The Weekend feat. Daft Punk (still), and ‘All We Know‘ by The Chainsmokers feat. Phoebe Ryan (which I’m still obsessed with).

Enjoying: hanging out with The Bestie and playing games (mainly Diablo III).

Sorting: out “adulting” stuff, but doing it very half-arsedly. I just can’t seem to adult.

Wondering: why our cucumber, green bean and tomato plants have not grown.

Waiting: for my sunburn to go away…

Deciding: on what show to see during Sydney Festival 2017 with Super Boy. We’re pretty keen on ‘Briefs: The Second Coming‘ and I’m super excited for ‘The Beach‘!

Wishing: that our veggies would grow.

Liking: the Connoisseur matcha flavoured ice cream.

Disliking: that our recent delivery of soil had so many bits of plastic strewn through it. You call that a herb and veggie mix? I’ve spent too many hours picking out rubbish (probably why our plants aren’t growing).

Considering: taking part in a nude art tour at the MCA for their 25th Birthday celebration, but a combination of missing out on a ticket and bad timing means I won’t know if I would have gone through with it.

Watching: ‘Rick and Morty’ with The Bestie. It’s such a funny show.

Marvelling: at the weird beauty of passionfruit flowers.

Wanting: to buy another raised garden bed (still). My local hardware and garden centre ran out!

Needing: to patch up the mortar around the house. I never knew how much had eroded away.

Following: other people’s leads on living a more sustainable and mindful life.

Noticing: the moon hanging in the clear blue Summer sky.

Knowing: that I should really put more energy into the garden, especially if I plan to live from it in future.

Thinking: of things to do when my Younger Sister returns for a brief holiday.

Buying: a few plants for the frontyard.

Getting: a huge surprise as I opened the window and a big spider lands in the car. Trying to drive and park required so much control…

Admiring: my gardening work as I slowly transform part of the wasteland that is the frontyard into something reasonably appealing.

Hoping: I’ll get accepted into the Masters in Counselling Social Work course. I finally submitted my application after weeks of delaying it.

Loving: a night out filled with dancing to old school and r’n’b music.

Giggling: with work colleagues at after-work drinks.

Planning: house and garden updates so things look slightly different when my Younger Sister returns for a holiday.

Feeling: pretty accomplished this month, but I know I still have a lot on my to-do list. One step at a time though, right?

I decided to ‘take stock’ after seeing it over on Meet Me At Mike’s and you can join in too. You can check out the original ‘taking stock’ and find a list or simply see what others are up to. Let me know if you decide to join in. I’d love to see what you got up to.

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