Parramatta Lanes 2016

Parramatta Lanes has come and gone for another year. This year it has expanded to 10 different lanes around Parramatta, which means a lot more food and exploring (two of my favourite things). I went on the first night with Super Boy after work, and back again with The Parents on the final night. I really enjoyed it and thought I’d share bits from both nights.

knafeh from Knafeh Bakery

Since Super Boy and I went straight after work, we beat the crowds and I finally got to try knafeh for the first time. It’s so yummy! And not overly-sweet. The only downside was that I had to share it.

lamb kebap from Efendy Restaurant

lamb kebap from Efendy Restaurant

The Parents and I started at The Hidden Bazaar where we tried the lamb kebap from Efendy Restaurant. It was really delicious, and that bread was so soft I could hug it. I also loved seeing the two blue and pink fuzzballs dance and weave their way through the crowds.

American cheese burger from Burger Project

beef and chicken soft shell tacos from La Raza

The Roxy Car Park was jam-packed when The Parents and I went. With a good selection of food trucks to choose from, we decided to go with the path of least resistance. The burger was a favourite, and I think Burger Project is due to open a store in Parramatta next year.

The Garden of a Thousand Years was my absolute favourite art installation from Parramatta Lanes. Apparently, plastic bottles can take up to 1000 years to break down in landfill. This highlights the importance of upcycling, and shows just how beautiful it can be. I really want a hanging garden like this!

pepperoni pizza from Happy as Larry

pepperoni pizza from Happy as Larry

The guys from Happy as Larry were so busy, The Parents and I had to wait 40 minutes for our pizza. Yikes! I don’t usually bother with long wait times, but we had already eaten a few things and so they found a spot to rest while I went for a wander. The pizza was really good, and so was their lychee drink.

I had so much fun visiting Parramatta Lanes. There’s something magical about secret places tucked away in small spaces. Can’t wait for it to pop up again next year.

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