Take a Hike: North Head, Sydney Harbour National Park

I was itching to go for a bushwalk since having a little taste last month and Super Boy kindly agreed to come along once again. I originally wanted to try the Barrenjoey to Avalon walk, but after realising how long it was and how under-prepared we were, Super Boy suggested we walk through North Head of Sydney Harbour National Park.

We decided to meet at Circular Quay and catch the ferry over to Manly. You can see Manly off in the distance from where we started the walk. Super Boy and I actually explored Manly a little beforehand (which I’ll share snippets of in another post). It’s such a beautiful place, and I’m amazed that a bushwalking track is right next door!

We reached this small hole in the wall with a gate. Super Boy and I weren’t quite sure whether we were meant to squeeze through or not, but with the wall stretching out either side and no other visible path in sight, we ducked through. Lucky it was the right way.

At some point during this hike, you look back and take in this amazing view of the sky, the ocean and the coast line. Breath-taking.

We stumbled upon what felt like some sort of hidden marshland.

We also walked around the Former North Head Army Barracks, which felt a little eerie, before making our way to the Quarantine Cemetary.

There’s something about cemetaries that I like (during the day time only though). It was very peaceful here, and all the overgrown plants made it all the more beautiful. Super Boy and I spent some time wandering through before making the long walk back to join civilisation.

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