Japan Trip: Hakone Gora Park, Kanagawa

My family and I made the trek from our stay by Hakone Lake to our next stop in Hakone. While waiting patiently for our katsudon lunch at Yamaji (山路), which was so tasty by the way, we discovered that Hakone Gora Park was nearby. With nothing else planned for the day (as per usual), we decided to pop in and have a look around.

Hakone Gora Park is a Western-style garden, built on the mountain slope. Stairs and curved paths led you through the beautiful gardens. It was unfortunately quite a gloomy day when we visited, but we still made the most of wandering around.

The fountain in the middle of the park is gorgeous. I wish we could’ve taken it home. We sat on one of the benches here to rest and people-watch. My Younger Sister and I eventually went to buy a vanilla soft serve at the café nearby, reputed to be one of the creamiest soft serves ever. And it definitely was!

We stumbled into a little greenhouse that was displaying bonsai and a lot of little plant cuties for sale. Once again, I wished I could have taken all the plants home.

The Bougainvillea House was my favourite part of Hakone Gora Park. I loved the pops of bright colour and how the plants just seem to sprawl everywhere in a beautifully messy way. It also made me miss our bougainvillea plant that we sadly got rid of. Perhaps I should get another one?

We also walked through the Tropical Flora House, which was so lovely and lush.

After making our way through the gardens and greenhouses, we popped into the Craft House to have a look around. Here, they have different workshops for you to create your own souvenir. I browsed around but didn’t find anything I wanted. We then left Hakone Gora Park and made our way back to the hotel for some much needed rest (I think I started getting sick around this time). Although the weather wasn’t great, I still enjoyed the stroll through the gardens.

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