Japan Trip: Hakone Lake and Hakone Shrine, Kanagawa

After our stay in Kobe just to eat that sweet, sweet Kobe beef, my family and I gathered our bags once more and made our journey to Hakone.

My Younger Sister had booked us a room at The Prince Hotel, which is a beautiful hotel right on the shores of Hakone Lake, also known as Lake Ashi. Our room had a view of the lake, but what we were really looking forward to was the hot spring bath. We decided we would go after dinner, so with time to spare, The Parents opted to get some rest whereas my Younger Sister and I decided to walk to Hakone Shrine.

The walk from The Prince Hotel to Hakone Shrine takes you along the lake and through a forest with massive pine trees. We eventually reached the Peace Torii of Hakone Shrine, which actually sits in Hakone Lake. Directly opposite the Peace Torii are stairs that lead you up the mountain to Hakone Shrine.

It was quite peaceful up here when my Younger Sister and I visited. We paid our respects, walked around a little, and bought small ‘good health’ trinkets for each family member. After this, we wandered back down and continued our way along Hakone Lake until we reached the main town. It was nearing dinner time so we decided not to explore the town and to head back to our hotel instead.

My Younger Sister and I made it back to the hotel to have some rest before my family and I went to the dining room for our dinner reservation. We decided to have a Japanese meal (the other option was French) and went for the Ashinoko 8-course menu. It was so good! Afterwards, we went to the hot spring baths to relax before bedtime. Honestly, eating and then dipping into a hot spring bath — I could really get used to this lifestyle.

Before checking-out of The Prince Hotel the next morning, we went for a little morning walk by the lake. Apparently you can see the peak of Mt Fuji from here on a clear day, and we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it before heading off to our next destination.

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