Parklands Food Festival 2016

The Parklands Food Festival was on this Saturday. The Parents and I went last year and enjoyed it, so we decided to visit once again.

The Parklands Food Festival is a relatively small festival out in Western Sydney. It was held at the Lizard Log in Western Sydney Parklands, which you could walk around in about 5-10 minutes. They expanded a little this year with a dedicated kids zone for the children to play in.

We arrived and stopped by the tent where Costa Georgiadis from Gardening Australia was presenting. He was talking about sustainable gardening and giving lots of guidance on how anyone can do this, even on a tight budget! Costa talked about soil and how to improve it, reducing waste and generally just encouraging everyone to do a bit of gardening. He was so enthusiastic and his talk had me mentally making note of all the potential gardening I could be doing. Definitely my favourite part of the day.

After listening to the talk by Costa, The Parents and I headed off in search of food. There was a kids pizza making workshop, but I don’t think I was young enough for that. There were a lot more food stalls this year compared to last. I bought a pulled pork plate from Rangers Texas BBQ, Dad bought spinach, chicken and mushroom Turkish gozleme, and Mum bought beef noodle soup. We shared our food, washed it down with an iced coffee, and then had ice cream for dessert.

Calmsley Hill City Farm was back again this year with their petting zoo. And while I loved the lambs and kids (the baby goats, not the human kind), I did miss their rabbits and chickens from last year. I may need to pay a visit to the farm itself one day.

The Parents and I wandered around for a bit. We bought a bag of green beans for $1 (score!) but didn’t find anything else of particular interest. It’s a shame they didn’t have the stall selling herb and vegetable seedlings again this year because The Parents were keen to buy some. Oh well. Overall, The Parents and I enjoyed ourselves. I’ll be keeping an eye out for it again next year.

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