Taking Stock: August 2016

Winter is officially over! I am so glad to say goodbye to the cold weather and to welcome Spring with a big hug. I’m looking forward to warmer weather, more events happening around town, and just being outside in the sun in general. But before I look ahead at what Spring has to offer, here’s a look back at my last month of Winter…

Making: no progress on my knitted blanket, but I finally put together one raised garden bed.

Cooking: crumbed zucchini or store-bought falafel for a salad lunch.

Reading: a little bit of ‘Dracula’ by Bram Stoker.

Playing:Sweet Talk‘ by Jessie Ware, ‘Into You‘ by Ariana Grande, ‘Say It‘ by Flume feat. Tove Lo, ‘Closer‘ by The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey (so obsessed with this song), and ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore‘ by Charlie Puth feat. Selena Gomez (I’m still so obsessed!).

Enjoying: my visit with The Parents to the Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival.

Sorting: out my finances. Sort of.

Wondering: what the heck has happened to my health lately. I’m sick. Again. This time it’s a cold.

Waiting: for warmer weather.

Deciding: on nothing notable this month.

Wishing: that this cough would go away.

Liking: my visit to Auburn’s Refugee Camp where I (and many groups of people) got to tour a simulated refugee camp and learn about the experiences of refugees.

Disliking: my morning commute to work.

Considering: getting my hair cut a bit shorter.

Watching: ‘Castle’ with The Bestie.

Marvelling: at the rainbow on a rainy day.

Wanting: to continue with my basic daily yoga routine, but stopping since noticing some soreness where I had my surgery.

Needing: more sleep and a review of my food intake.

Following: We Are Explorers and getting ideas for my next little escape.

Noticing: that my precious little mint has started to flourish since moving the basil that was taking its space and sunshine.

Knowing: I need to stop dwelling on my bad decision and just get on with it. Easier said than done though.

Thinking: about life and death.

Buying: a raised garden bed kit and lots of soil.

Getting: too excited at the arrival of the new IKEA catalogue.

Admiring: the peacocks that roam freely through Auburn Botanic Gardens.

Hoping: to grow some Spring/Summer vegetables.

Loving: Auburn Botanic Gardens. I’m always amazed that such a beautiful space exists in suburban Sydney.

Giggling: with work colleagues at after-work dinner and drinks.

Planning: to put together a few more raised garden beds, or to create an outdoor area with a gazebo and surrounding garden (I’m getting way too ambitious now).

Feeling: tired and unwell, but hopeful that I will get better and take on the world once again.

I decided to ‘take stock’ after seeing it over on Meet Me At Mike’s and you can join in too. You can check out the original ‘taking stock’ and find a list or simply see what others are up to. Let me know if you decide to join in. I’d love to see what you got up to.

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