Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival 2016

I’ve not heard of the Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival before, but working in Auburn I regularly stop at the Botanic Gardens (clean public toilets are hard to come by) and I saw the big banner advertising this festival. By chance, The Parents saw an ad in the paper and were interested in going. So, I bought some tickets and off we went.

We were expecting it to be busy, but perhaps not this busy. There’s a small section of the Japanese Gardens where cherry blossom trees line each side of the path. It’s beautiful when it’s in bloom, and it reminded me a little of our walk through Ueno Park in Tokyo. After our walk through the cherry blossom trees and obligatory photos, The Parents and I walked through the rest of the Japanese Gardens.

We found even more cherry blossoms.

These cherry blossoms smelled sooo good and were buzzing with bees. The Parents and I hung around for a while before continuing our walk through the gardens.

We eventually found some food. I lined up and waited too long for takoyaki and missed out on a sumo wrestling match.

After our quick lunch, The Parents and I wandered through the Auburn Aviary and walked through the gardens again before heading home. Although there weren’t as many cherry blossoms as you’d find in Japan (obviously), it was still a really pretty sight to see. I’m amazed that a beautiful garden like this exists in suburban Sydney, and I’m glad we could enjoy the Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival.

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