Japan Trip: Nunobiki Herb Gardens, Kobe

Our stay in Kobe was one of the highlights of our family holiday in Japan. We travelled to Kobe because Dad wanted to eat Kobe beef while in Japan. I kid you not, that is the only reason we went. So apart from having a dinner reservation made, my Younger Sister and I had no idea what we could do in Kobe. Cue some frantic Google searches and we eventually found ourselves at the Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens.

Nunobiki Herb Gardens is located on Mount Rokko above Kobe, which is a port town. It’s accessible by a ropeway, which gives you amazing views of Kobe as you ride up. You also get views of the Nunobiki no Taki waterfall and Gohonmatsu Dam. I’m terrified of heights, but the views are worth it. Once at the top, it’s just a matter of strolling down through the different gardens. There are 14 different garden areas, so I thought I’d just share my favourites.

The Herb Museum was so lovely to walk through. I was poking my face into the gardens to smell all the amazing herbs and wishing to have something similar at home.

The Kitchen Garden was definitely a favourite of mine, showing that gardens can be beautifully messy and productive. I had major garden envy here.

The field of tulips was an amazing sight.

The entrance inside the Glasshouse was amazing! It reminded me of the cute little English cottage gardens. More garden envy!

The reason we popped into the Glasshouse was so that we could have lunch at the Mint Café. I ordered a set meal which included a Herb Burger (using Kobe beef, a herb bun and Nunobiki Herb Garden sauce, of course), dessert and unlimited tea. The burger didn’t look like much, but it was surprisingly good! After our leisurely lunch, we wandered back through the Glasshouse.

The Glasshouse looked so small from the outside, but it feels so airy once you step inside. It’s a beautiful tropical paradise and I loved how much they were able to do with this small space. The sky-high bougainvilleas were my favourite.

We eventually left the Glasshouse and made our way through the Four Seasons Garden. Lucky for us, it was Spring-time and there were flowers everywhere. As you keep walking down through Nunobiki Herb Gardens, you reach a small Outdoor Café that sells lavender soft serves. Of course I had to try.

It smelled and tasted like lavender. Honestly, I’m so impressed with the range of soft serve flavours in Japan. With ice cream in hand, my Younger Sister and I left The Parents at the café and attempted to do the hiking trail to reach Nunobiki no Taki waterfall. We were unsuccessful as the path wasn’t very clear, so we went back to The Parents and we all caught the ropeway back down to civilisation.

So what started as a last-minute, half-arsed plan turned out to be a great day trip. I thoroughly enjoyed roaming through Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens, and I highly recommend visiting if you ever go to Kobe and love gardens. My family and I were pretty knackered so headed back to the Hotel Monterey Kobe (which is amazing, in my opinion) for some rest before dinner.

2 thoughts on “Japan Trip: Nunobiki Herb Gardens, Kobe

  1. Lignum Draco says:

    A nice day out. I found a Japanese burger bar in Sydney – Ume Burger. They put Umami salt on their chips. Plain salt doesn’t cut it anymore for me. 🙂


    • Sandy says:

      It was a nice day out, despite the grey skies.

      I’ve heard of Ume Burger and am so keen to try it. Umami salt sounds delicious. If Draco approves, then I must go! XD


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