Japan Trip: Nara Park, Nara

Nara Park is huuuuuge! It’s filled with so many temples and shrines and, of course, the famous deer. Travelling through Japan, we couldn’t miss out on feeding the deer, so my family and I made our way to Nara.

We caught the train to Nara and stopped by a visitors centre to pick up a map. I also grabbed a colouring-in page or four. That picture makes me giggle every time. We then made our way through the streets of Nara and into Nara Park.

We didn’t see many deer to begin with, but once we crossed the road into another section of the park, we were in deer heaven.

The deer are very friendly creatures. They were roaming around amongst the people, but would step away if you got too close. They’re also incredibly polite! You can buy some biscuits from the street vendors to feed the deer, and the deer have learned to bow their heads before being fed a biscuit. It’s so cute! Also, since I was curious, my Younger Sister asked one of the vendors what the biscuits were made of. It’s just oats and can be eaten by humans. Naturally, my Younger Sister and I tried one. Not bad.

We stopped for a late-lunch before continuing through the massive park. As I mentioned before, there are many temples and shrines here. Nara Park’s famous temple is Todai-ji, home to a giant bronze Buddha statue. You have to pay to enter the temple grounds, but I think it’s worth it.

This place is ginormous! My pictures don’t do justice to how incredible this place is. Apart from the Buddha statue, there are other statues inside the hall, a model of the temple grounds, and a small hole for children to crawl through. Apparently it’s good luck if you crawl through it. I didn’t try. The temple grounds are also beautiful to walk around.

After we had paid our respects and walked around Todai-ji, we made our way through Nara Park again and back to our hotel. It was such a fun and lovely day out exploring Nara. Now if only I could take the deer home with me!

2 thoughts on “Japan Trip: Nara Park, Nara

    • Sandy says:

      XD Draco, you make me laugh.
      The deer are really pleasant. I think getting up close and patting them was one of the highlights of the trip.


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