The Rocks Aroma Festival 2016

The Rocks Aroma Festival — a festival for coffee lovers — was happening once again on Sunday. Having missed out last year and being a coffee addict, I couldn’t miss out this year. So, I braved the cold and the crowds to go drink some coffee.

My first coffee of the day was a Spirit Blend latte from Sacred Grounds. It tasted really good. Not sure if it’s because it was my first coffee of the day or if I felt all high and mighty due to it being organic and fair trade. But seriously though, it was really good coffee.

I wandered around a little, enjoying my first cup of coffee and people-watching. I even looked through a special solar telescope at the sun. I’ll be honest, I didn’t see much. I then lined up for my second latte from Grinders Coffee. It was nice, but I preferred the one I had from Sacred Grounds.

I wandered around a bit more and found my favourite fig, macadamia and ginger cookie from Whisk and Pin for lunch. After browsing the other stalls, I decided to leave the crowds and went to the Museum of Contemporary Art for a browse (more on that in another post). Overall, it was a nice day out at The Rocks Aroma Festival. A bit sad I didn’t try a coffee beer or coffee martini, but some pubs in The Rocks are still serving these drinks until the end of July, so I may still get a chance to.

2 thoughts on “The Rocks Aroma Festival 2016

  1. Lignum Draco says:

    I’ve had a chance to look through your photos and can safely say that I’m not in any of them, or maybe I am but don’t want to admit it. 🙂

    Did you see the queue for the Mayan coffee stall? I thought about joining but didn’t want to waste the time. I think they have a cafe in Waterloo, so Ill just go there one day.

    It was a nice day out, even if a bit cool. Hope you enjoyed it.


    • Sandy says:

      I enjoyed the day. Hope you did too. I wasn’t just hunting for coffee, but also a dragon. Alas, I was unsuccessful that day 😉
      There were a lot of stands I would have liked to try, but I’m not a fan of lining up. Like you, I may need to visit their shop instead. See you in Waterloo? Haha 🙂


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