Vivid Sydney 2016: part 02

Vivid Sydney has come and gone for another year. This is my third year attending and I was super excited to hear that the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney was going to be a precinct this year! I love the gardens and couldn’t wait to see it shine during Vivid Sydney. After getting a few work colleagues on board, we met up in The City.

We decided to meet at Martin Place to check out the light installations there first. We came across Totem Forest, where silent drums were linked to totems of light that responded to the rhythm of your drumming. I had a try, but nothing amazing happened. I guess I’m not musically gifted.

After checking out the lights at Martin Place and having a bite to eat at Burger Project, we made our way to the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. We were lucky to be greeted by what could be described as ‘silent fireworks’, with drones programmed to dance and create shapes in the night sky (sadly, no good photos to share). Once the show was over, we headed through the Cathedral of Light and into the gardens.

I think my favourite had to beΒ Synthesis, where lights were projected onto a heritage-listed Moreton Bay FIg Tree. It was so colourful. I was completely mesmerised by it. My work colleagues and I also checked out the other light installations at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney before leaving to find other lights around The City.

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