Vivid Sydney 2016: Part 01

Vivid Sydney has come and gone for another year. This was my third year attending and I was super excited as this year two new precincts opened up — Taronga Zoo and the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, celebrating their 100th and 200th birthday respectively this year. I was so excited, I promptly bought tickets for Taronga Zoo and dragged poor Super Boy with me.

We arrived at Circular Quay and missed our ferry while grabbing a bite to eat. So with time to spare, we found a spot at Customs House to watch Sydney’s HIdden Stories.

I must admit that I didn’t really grasp the story of this. It was beautiful and fun to watch, but I do prefer last year’s ‘Enchanted Sydney’ much more. Afterwards, Super Boy and I went to catch the ferry to Taronga Zoo. The ferry slows down when passing the Sydney Opera House so you can get a great view of Lighting the Sails (too bad my photos don’t do it any justice).

We arrived at Taronga Zoo after a short ferry ride, and so did the rain. It started bucketing down, but luckily there were buses to take us to the zoo.

Since we bought our Taronga Zoo Vivid tickets early, we got to go on the cable car ride. I didn’t get any good photos through the darkness and the rain, but seeing all the light installations from above was pretty amazing. After our ride, we followed the Light Walk through the zoo. The theme was Be The Light For The Wild, highlighting ten critical species from Australia and Sumatra and a ‘supporting cast’ of other creatures.

It was a beautiful walk through Taronga Zoo with these light sculptures. We also got to see one of the elephants playing around in the water, and two giraffes having a night-time snack and admiring the Vivid lights from across the harbour. Unfortunately, the rain was quite heavy at times which affected a few of the installations and left Super Boy and I a little wet.

We caught the bus and ferry back to Circular Quay and made our way to Chinatown for a quick dinner. It was pretty late and we were tired so decided to head home rather than check out more of Vivid Sydney. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Vivid at Taronga Zoo. It was worth the money and getting rained on.

2 thoughts on “Vivid Sydney 2016: Part 01

    • Sandy says:

      No problem Karen 🙂
      Vivid Sydney at Taronga Zoo was amazing! I’m sad it has finished, but at least I still have pictures to stare at. It’s also inspired me to make a day-trip to the zoo 😀


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