Japan Trip: Ueno Park, Tokyo

Our family couldn’t travel to Japan in the Spring-time and not check out the cherry blossoms. We were very lucky to be there when they were in peak bloom. Everywhere you looked, there was an explosion of pink! Wanting to get our fix of sakura, my Younger Sister took us to Ueno Park in Tokyo.

Being the weekend, and despite the grey skies above, Ueno Park was crowded! We made our way along the busy path flanked by cherry blossom trees on both sides. It’s such a beautiful sight. My photos don’t do it any justice.

Many people had found themselves a nice spot under the trees to take part in hanami (the Japanese tradition of flower viewing).

We came across this cat sitting in a cherry blossom tree. For some reason, everyone got super excited and whipped out their cameras to get a photo. I did too. Well, when in Rome Tokyo…

Having walked through and admired the sakura, we decided to visit the Tokyo National Museum. Ueno Park is actually chock-a-block with museums and other attractions, but we figured if we were only going to see one museum, the Tokyo National Museum should be the one.

Our family spent hours wandering through and admiring the exhibits. I loved seeing the ancient dolls, armour and kimonos. There’s also a garden and some tea houses located on the grounds. We walked through the garden, but the tea houses were closed that day for a private ceremony so we had afternoon tea at the restaurant instead.

Ueno Park is such a beautiful (and busy) place in Spring. It’s also massive and I think we didn’t even get to walk around half of it! Apparently there’s a lake, which would have been nice to see, but I enjoyed my visit and viewing the cherry blossoms all the same. It’s such a lovely experience to walk underneath a sky of sakura.

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