Japan Trip: Asakusa and Sumida River, Tokyo

One of the places that The Parents wanted to see was Senso-ji, located in Asakusa. It is Tokyo’s oldest temple that is apparently older than Tokyo itself! It was a cold and overcast Saturday, but that didn’t stop the crowds.

So. Many. People. I took this “drive-by shot” of the Thunder Gate as our family walked past and towards our breakfast destination. With my Younger Sister and Dad waiting patiently in line, Mum and I went for a little walk.

We were eventually summoned back to Daikokuya, where we sat on traditional tatami mats and had a hearty breakfast of tendon (tempura rice bowl). It tasted so good!

After breakfast, we made our way to Senso-ji.

People were lining up for this incense burner. Apparently you waft the smoke over the part of your body that you wish to improve. I wafted some over for my brain. Afterwards, I completed the cleansing ritual and went inside to pay my respects.

After buying some souvenirs, we wandered around the local area and stumbled upon a matcha specialty store called ‘Kaminari Issa’. My Younger Sister and I shared a yummy matcha latte and the best matcha soft serve. Seriously. So good!

We then headed towards the park along Sumida River to view some cherry blossoms. We didn’t bring a picnic blanket or some snacks to participate in hanami, but we enjoyed it all the same.

We then crossed a bridge and made our way towards Tokyo Skytree.

We didn’t go up to the observation deck, but we did manage a round of shopping. Shopping malls in Tokyo are something else. We then headed back to our  hotel to rest up before going out to dinner.

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