Japan Trip: Meiji Shrine and Takeshita Street, Tokyo

From peaceful, spacious surroundings to bustling, jam-packed streets. Tokyo has it all and surprisingly so close to each other. After a light breakfast which consisted of 7-11 baked goods in our hotel rooms, The Parents and I made our way to Harajuku Station to visit Meiji Shrine.

My original plan was for us to visit Yoyogi Park before Meiji Shrine to see all the cherry blossoms, but I somehow missed the park despite it being located next to the shrine (what can I say, I’m geographically challenged). Still, The Parents and I enjoyed our walk to the shrine.

We reached some kind of halfway point with a restaurant, cafeteria and souvenir shop. The Parents and I opted for the cafeteria lunch and we each got our ramen fix. After browsing the souvenir shop for a while, we continued to Meiji Shrine.

We saw this newly-wed couple and their families taking wedding photos. It was fascinating to watch.

After paying our respects at Meiji Shrine, The Parents and I started our walk back to Harajuku Station. The wind was picking up and I was starting to feel cold. Being jacket-less, The Parents obliged my wish to go shopping for something to keep me warm. My Younger Sister sent me directions to some clothing stores and we went via the famous Takeshita Street.

Yes, it was a cold day and I was cold, but I still lined up for some crepes with ice cream because apparently they have the best crepes at Takeshita Street. Totes worth it!

The Parents and I successfully made it through Takeshita Street unscathed. We didn’t buy anything there (I ended up buying a simple black jacket from The Shel’tter Tokyo at Tokyu Plaza nearby) but it was a nice experience to squish our way through the crowds. I still find it amazing that places like Meiji Shrine and Takeshita Street are so different and yet exist right next to each other. It was a fun day and certainly interesting to see two sides of Tokyo in one day.

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