The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden

Driving to Mount Tomah to check out the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden was a last minute plan. The sun showed up unexpectedly so Super Boy and I decided to make the 1.5hr drive. Seeing the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden has been on my wishlist since visiting the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney (you can read about my visit here and here), so I was pretty darned excited to go.

It was about 2:30pm by the time we arrived, leaving us with about 2.5hrs of exploring. We headed to the Visitor Centre to pick up a map and check out the view from the viewing platform.

Not sure where to begin, Super Boy and I headed towards the Conifer Cultivars where the air smelled wonderfully crisp and fresh.

We then found ourselves on the Darug Walk.

We wandered through some woodland before finding ourselves at the Rock Garden. This was my favourite part of the botanic gardens.

After basking in the sun around the Rock Garden, Super Boy and I wandered through some more woodland to check out some scenery from the Viewing Platform.

After this, we wandered through the gardens to admire signs of Autumn because Sydney looks nothing like this at the moment.

During our walk I spotted some kids rolling down the hill which reminded me of my childhood days in the old house. I told Super Boy who promptly found a spot for us re-live my childhood glory. I enjoyed rolling down that hill way too much to be considered an adult. We laid in the sun on the grass for a while to chat and rest up before the long drive home.

I really enjoyed my visit to the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden but wish we got there earlier to see more of the garden. I think we only saw half of it! Definitely need to plan another visit.Β  And maybe I’ll be lucky enough to eat at Tomah Gardens Restaurant next time too!

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