The Palace Rose Garden

The Palace Rose Garden is part of the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney. I somehow missed it on my first ever trip to the gardens, so decided that I would have to come back and see it. I’ve been twice to these Rose Gardens now. On both occasions because I had time before meeting up with friends. It’s amazing how close these gardens are to the CBD. I don’t know if the local office workers are aware of how lucky they are.

This garden is set in part of the old Palace Gardens, site of the massive Garden Palace that was built to house the Great International Exhibition of 1879-80, and which was totally destroyed by fire in 1882. It was funded by the Royal Botanic Gardens Foundation, and was designed and planted by staff of the Botanic Gardens Trust.

Some of the surrounding garden beds contain plants related to roses, members of the order Rosales, in a continuation of the rose theme.

I may have been spotted sticking my face into a number of roses to inhale their perfume. I can only imagine how amazing this garden would be when in full bloom. I might have to make a date to come back in Spring.

My favourite scent - 'Sweet Intoxication' rose

my favourite scent – the ‘Sweet Intoxication’ rose

2 thoughts on “The Palace Rose Garden

    • Sandy says:

      Thank you. I heard Vivid was expanding to Taronga Zoo, but not the Royal Botanic Gardens. I’m even more excited for Vivid this year! I can’t wait! XD


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