The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney: Part 02

After having been thinking about visiting the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney for a long time, I finally managed to get myself there. It was a perfect day — the sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. As you might remember, my friend and I were walking for a while before we took a quick break. After resting our legs, we continued exploring the gardens.

My friend and I weren’t really sure which garden to see next, so we wandered around randomly for a while.

I think we eventually stumbled upon First Farm, where they were growing various veggies in the patches. They also had a little bee hive and a worm farm set up too. I couldn’t recognise any of the plants apart from the chilli or tomato plants.

We found our way to the Botanic Gardens Café and watched some of the wildlife for a little bit. I may or may not have gotten too excited at seeing a turtle, and I may or may not have started humming the theme tune to ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’.

The Oriental Garden is right next to the café, so my friend and I wandered over for a look.

After walking through the Oriental Garden, it was time for my friend and I to part ways. They had a family lunch to attend, so I was left to wander through the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney on my own. I decided to make my way to Mrs Macquaries Point.

The view was obviously (though I could be biased) amazing! Sydney, you are gorgeous, and I hope you know that. I had a quick solo picnic to re-fuel and rest my feet before setting off for home through the gardens. On the way, I stopped by The Garden Shop for a little browse and bought a heavenly-scented bar of soap for The Parents and a jar of honey made by the bees who live in the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. I’ve only had a small taste, but I really like it since it’s not too sweet.

I was so excited to visit the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney for the first time, and it did not disappoint. The only down-side is that I missed out on seeing some of the gardens that day. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to come back for another visit.

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