The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney: Part 01

Hello Royal Botanic Garden Sydney!

After realising late last year that I had actually never been to the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney (at least, not in any of my collected memories), going to visit was all I could think about. I had been reading on the website about all the different gardens they had and was getting pretty excited and itching to go. So, on a beautiful sunny Sunday, I set out early to meet up with a friend and get my first taste of the gardens.

My friend and I both agreed that we needed to check out the Herb Garden first. It was on my ‘must see’ list because I was hoping to draw some inspiration from it for my own garden.

It was a very formal layout, but the garden beds themselves were a mish-mash of herbs and other plants. We curiously smelled our way through and found them mostly aromatic with one or two pungent ones (planted as a natural insect repellant. Very clever). My favourites were lemon balm and peppermint. I’m hoping to get my hands on them soon.

As much as we enjoyed being in the Herb Garden, it was time for us to explore a different part of the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. We wandered around aimlessly and found ourselves in the Rainforest Walk. I enjoyed the cooler temperature here and staring up at all the tall trees.

Next, we found ourselves outside of The Nursery. Unfortunately, it only has limited opening times so we had to enjoy it from the outside.

Or peek through the window to look inside…

The Sydney Fernery is right next to The Nursery, so we went through for a walk. As you enter, there is a stand with a quote by Sam Walter Foss (1858 – 1911) which reads “And the thoughts that are blown with scent of the fern are as new and as old as the world”.

We had been walking for about an hour and a half by this point, so my friend and I took a quick break here amongst the ferns. Time for a rest before we continue on our journey through the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

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