Hello 2016!

Hello and Happy New Year!

Man, 2015 seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye. I didn’t realise just how many things had changed for me. Not all of it was welcome, but I got through it well enough. Focusing on the more positive side of things, I noticed that I had managed to see and do a lot more around Sydney. It’s been so much fun and something I’m hoping to continue in 2016.

I’m still trying to sort out my goals for this year. I was going to do that over the weekend, but I got sidetracked because I was playing Skyrim instead. It’s an old PS3 game that I started but never finished, so I’m playing from the beginning again. Perhaps one of my goals could be to finish the game. Haha.

I got hooked on the gaming bug because some friends and I hung out on New Year’s Eve eating KFC and playing video games (Mario Party, Mario Kart and Nintendo Land) into the early hours of the morning. We also decided to do it all again two days later. Classy. It’s been so long since my friends and I just chilled like this. Since when did growing-up mean less time for fun and games? Life is meant to be enjoyed and I think I’ve kicked off 2016 well.

I hope you all started the new year doing what brings you joy as well, whether that’s partying in town with friends, enjoying a quiet evening at home, or anything in-between. Wishing you all a year of fun and games. Happy 2016!

3 thoughts on “Hello 2016!

  1. my messy world says:

    I often think of my old video games and how much I would love to play them through again (or for the first time ever!!!). But it seems as if there’s always something else to do that is more important than play video games. Or that is just necessary to do. Work, for instance πŸ˜€ Very interesting thought though, thank you for that ❀


    • Sandy says:

      There are so many old video games that I would like to play or re-play. It’s true that there is always something else to do that’s necessary or more important. However, I think it’s just as important to take time out and enjoy doing things for fun. Hope you get more time for fun and games! πŸ™‚

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      • my messy world says:

        Thanks, I hope so too! Most of them take so much time that it would take me weeks to stay on in order to finish them, that’s why I rather kind of chuck the decision to even start playing… Maybe on a next long weekend or so I’ll give it a try πŸ™‚

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