Christmas Lights in the City

Christmas is almost here and I can’t believe it. Honestly, my family and I don’t actually celebrate Christmas. For us, it’s just nice to have some time off at the end of the year (especially this year for me). Nevertheless, I do love how places get all dressed up and twinkly. This year, I decided to pop into the City to see what’s on. I started at QVB, where the Swarovski Christmas tree has been for as long as I can remember, then just wandered around town a little.

The Town Hall Illuminations were pretty, but nothing spectacular (in my opinion).

The Boulevard of Light was beautiful. Soft, twinkly lights suspended above with Pitt Street Mall lined with real Christmas trees. Add a guitar-playing busker into the mix and there you have magic. My photos don’t really do the place or atmosphere any justice. If you get a chance, do pop by and see it for yourself.

I checked out the Martin Place Christmas tree for the first time ever. It’s an interactive tree where you can text your message to it to be displayed.

If you know me and how much I loved Enchanted Sydney at Vivid, it will come as no surprise that I loved the Christmas Projections the most. I love how they made use of the building’s architecture to the fullest. It was bright, colourful and fun. Pretty much how Christmas should be, I think.

Looking at the guide, it seems like there’s many other events going on. I’d love to check out the Carriageworks Twilight Christmas Market, Australia’s Largest Snow Globe or Lights of Christmas, but I’m not sure I’d have time to trek out to The City again. How about you? Have you checked out any Christmas lights around town?

4 thoughts on “Christmas Lights in the City

  1. Misskaren says:

    I LOVE it! absolutely gorgeous 🙂
    Merry Christmas Sandy, I hope you’re enjoying it and wish you so much more fun and cool stuff in the coming year. So glad we met through this blog where I continue to explore amazing places through your eyes. I love that everything is bright and colorful. We decorated a small tree at home and celebrated with a feast for family:-)


    • Sandy says:

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m happy that I got to know you through your blog, and catch a glimpse of your beautiful life in Uganda.

      Your Christmas celebrations sound perfect! Wishing you happiness and plenty of good things to come in the New Year. Merry Christmas Karen! 😀


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