Taking Stock: November 2015

After feeling like I had a busy September and October, November was definitely the month for me to slow down and take it easy. Even then, November seemed to go by in a blur. I can’t seem to recall what I did, but let’s try…

Making: no progress with my knitted blanket/throw.

Cooking: my version of a vermicilli rice noodle bowl. Well, not really cooking but rather throwing ingredients together.

Reading: about some not-so-fantastic facts about plastic and about the house that Joost Bakker built. Very inspiring.

Playing:Sugar‘ by Robin Schulz feat. Francesco Yates, ‘This Ain’t Love‘ by Jessica Mauboy, and ‘Lay It All On Me‘ by Rudimental feat. Ed Sheeran.

Enjoying: my meal at Azuma. Really great Japanese food with a relaxed vibe. Do try it if you haven’t already.

Sorting: out payments.

Wondering: how long it takes for an apple tree to grow from seed to bearing fruit.

Waiting: for my day surgery. Still.

Deciding: on which bushwalk to do, but then not doing it due to stormy weathher forecast, only for it to end up being a lovely day. Grr…

Wishing: I could have fit in one more bushwalk.

Liking: that we can pick some herbs straight from the garden to cook with.

Disliking: feeling tired.

Considering: re-starting my Headspace meditation. I was on a 90 day streak and then forgot one day, so I stopped.

Watching: YouTube videos of the pacific striped octopus catch its prey.

Marvelling: at my client’s vegetable garden and at their generosity. Even though they’re unwell, they still wanted to give me something from their garden. I got a bunch of home-grown basil to plant in my garden that smells divine.

Wanting: more than ever to grow my own food, and all the plants to shade Hello HQ. Boy, does it get hot in here.

Needing: more sleep. Maybe a new mattress.

Wearing: my new favourite dress.

Following: the Milkwood blog for some inspiration on living a greener life.

Noticing: my pretty little blooming hydrangea.

Knowing: that I could be more productive around the home, but not feeling inclined to.

Thinking: up dream plans for the backyard.

Buying: an iPad for The Parents.

Getting: a bit sad reading about all the damage us humans have done to the Earth, yet motivated to do my best for the planet.

Admiring: all the amazing sculptures at Sculpture by the Sea Bondi.

Hoping: to start making my own friut and vegetable garden.

Loving: my very first trip to Sculpture by the Sea Bondi (you can check out my visit here and here if you’re interested) and can’t believe I haven’t been before. I had such a great time and took way too many photos. Loved it!

Giggling: with work colleagues.

Planning: ways to live a more sustainable and greener lifestyle.

Feeling: very tired trying to frantically tie-up odds and ends at work before taking time off. Also feeling incredibly anxious about day surgery and recovery.

2 thoughts on “Taking Stock: November 2015

    • Sandy says:

      Thanks Draco. I think lots of rest is just what the doctor ordered. 🙂

      Also, never heard of Coastrek before, but it sounds interesting.


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