Taking Stock: October 2015


If I thought September was busy, I guess I didn’t realise what October had in store. Wowee. There were definitely a lot more things happening now that Spring has sprung. I’ve gone out with The Parents to random festivals I’ve never been to, caught up with friends over dinners, and even managed to sneak in a bushwalk as well. At home, I’ve been tending to the garden when I can and trying to restore order at Hello HQ. It has been a busy month and I am quite knackered. But you know what? Life’s pretty good.

Making: some small progress with my knitted blanket/throw.

Cooking: panzanella (bread salad). I’m obsessed! It’s so fresh and delicious. Perfect for Summer.

Reading: Frankie magazine and the program for the upcoming Sydney Festival 2016. Is it too soon to get excited?

Playing:Wildest Dreams‘ by Taylor Swift, ‘What Do You Mean‘ by Justin Beiber, ‘Downtown‘ by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (which has a great video clip, by the way), and ‘Omen‘ by Disclosure feat. Sam Smith (still utterly obsessed, but a bit sad they don’t play this song on the radio).

Enjoying: all the food and festivities from attending the Parklands Food Festival, checking out Parramasala, and my jaunt to the Norton Street Italian Festa. Also, apples. Didn’t like them when I was younger, but now I can’t seem to get enough.

Sorting: through piles of papers on the computer table.

Wondering: why I’ve been feeling so tired lately. I’m sure I’m getting enough sleep.

Waiting: for my day surgery.

Deciding: that I probably need to do another round of donations to my local charity shop.

Wishing: there was a local farmer’s market near me.

Liking: that I get to share little plants with work colleagues. We’ve been trading them with each other and it’s been quite fun.

Disliking: feeling really tired.

Considering: getting my hair trimmed to tidy it up a bit.

Watching: plants sprouting from seeds. The cherry tomatoes (both red and yellow variety) are doing well and I’ve got some papaya again, but I’m really surprised (and very excited) with having several apple seeds sprout.

Marvelling: at all the plants that I’ve been able to grow from seeds.

Wanting: to be able to grow my own food.

Needing: more sleep.

Wearing: the usual Summer dresses. Half the month without a jacket and half the month with a jacket. Sydney weather can’t seem to commit to Spring right now.

Following: the Royal Coast Track to finally check out ‘Wedding Cake Rock’.

Noticing: the difference between wearing and not wearing sunscreen on my skin. With it I feel protected, and without it I can feel the burn. It’s a good reminder to be sun safe when I’m out.

Knowing: I should make more of an effort to spend time with The Parents.

Thinking: about all the things I’d like to get done around the house before Christmas.

Buying: a new dress, which is my current favourite.

Getting: too excited about apple seeds sprouting.

Admiring: the beautiful bunch of field roses I purchased from the side of the road on the way back from seeing a client. They looked gorgeous and smelled lovely.

Hoping: to fit in another bushwalk before it gets too hot.

Loving: my trek along the Bundeena to Marley Beach walk. Not much beats coastal views and a fresh sea breeze on a sunny day.

Giggling: with friends over dinner.

Planning: to squeeze in a lot of gardening in the next month.

Feeling: really happy, and there’s no better feeling.

P.S. I got the idea for ‘taking stock’ from Pip over on Meet Me at Mike’s. There’s the original blank list if you want to join in (I’ve cut out a few questions), or just have a read of other people’s lists. Let me know if you’ve decided to take stock too!

4 thoughts on “Taking Stock: October 2015

    • Sandy says:

      I felt busier than usual. It was a nice change of pace.

      I still haven’t tried Ippuddo, and now Tim Ho Wan is here too. My tastebuds are crying out!

      And I did go to Sculptures for the first time. It was great. Did you go?


      • Sandy says:

        So much deliciousness on one floor. I don’t think I can handle it XD

        Also, spotted your first post on Sculptures. It’s good to have you back Draco 🙂


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